5 Energies of Skin© by Jah Crystal

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Guidance Energy Logo
1st Guidance Skin Energy

Guidance Skin Energy


When your guidance energy is out of balance your skin is dry with oily and hormonal ailments.

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2nd Love Skin Energy

Love Skin Energy


When your love energy is out of balance your skin becomes dry from dehydration and aging becomes apparent.


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3rd Joy Skin Energy

Joy Skin Energy


When your joy energy is out of balance your skin produces excess oil and may be sensitive.

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4th Relaxation Skin Energy

4th Relaxation Skin Energy


When your relaxation energy is out of balance your skin is oily and dry with combination skin issues.


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5th Freedom Skin Energy

5th Freedom Skin Energy


When your freedom energy is out of balance your skin lacks the ability to protect it's cells and produce adequate fats and oils.


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Online Skin Energy Analysis
Online Skin Energy Analysis

Step 1: Choose Your Exclusive Membership

Complete an online skin energy analysis with your personal esthetician & sacred skincare coach, Jah Crystal, and discover your skin energy.

5 Energies of Skin©
Learn The 5 Energies of Skin©


Step 2: Begin Your Private Sacred Skincare Sessions

Discover YOU with the "5 Energies of Skin©" ; an energetic system created by Jah Crystal to help you navigate through the changes of your beauty, and your life!

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Customized Skin Energy Set

Step 3: Receive Your Herbal Skincare and Begin Your Beauty Rituals

Your customized herbal skin energy care package is sent to your door! You'll being practicing your new spiritual beauty regimen to heal your skin and heal your life!



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Personal Wellness Energy Chart

You'll receive a personal skin energy reading with a customized wellness energy chart for your unique skin energy needs!

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Customized Herbal Skin Energy Care + Personalized Sacred Skincare Sessions = Beauty & Wellness in Perfect Alignment!

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Here's me: 46; no makeup, no filter, just beauty. You can too! Heal your skin and heal your life by understanding what's aging your cells fast and disrupting your blessed cellular energy flow of beauty. Complete the form below to get your free copy!

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I used my Herbal Bath Bomb because my shoulder was hurt and it worked! Thank you!

Jelana, Texas



I love the Freedom Energy cleanser. It's just right for me...

Kendra, Washington


Meet Jah Crystal!

Yes! Heal My Skin!

    Greetings! I'm Jah Crystal and I've created a system using a spiritual energy chart to help you Heal Your Skin and Your Life! Watch the video to learn more.

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