Mama's Day is Every Day <3

author/source: Jah Crystal

You are Becoming! Many of your ancestors and spiritual family who slept are now risen. Many are being reborn anew. This is power and elevates you higher to "teach you all things and bring all things back to your remembrance."(John 14:26) My Grandmama's voice is clear to me when she corrected anyone who would call her mother. She later explained to me it was linked to motherfu*#!` and b#tch. After listening it would be some years before meditation on her full words of love and explanation to understand the energy of the vibration we were receiving through the celebration of "Mother's Day".

The vibration of the word Mother is low and is given the reverence of a machine or animal producing without cause or source of love. Select regions of this earth plane never respected their maternal beings and called them mutha derived from mugga (muggle). The term mother!#*-er was derived from this low vibration as the equivalence of a female dog.

You should exist to honor and love your Terra Maat; Your Source of Life, and your Mater, and your Mama. The term "Alma Mater" meaning "First and Blessed Ma" was bestowed upon institutions of higher learning established by Moorish Council of the original Amerukahs throughout all this earth plane. The bestowment is still practiced today when you refer to your school of learning "My Alma Mater".

Everytime you say Happy Mother's Day or simply "mother" you participate in a degrading practice that enables a degradation of vibrations upon your cells physically and spiritually. Why and how? Words create vibrations that push frequencies: This is the origin of language. This affects your beauty, your spirit, and your reception of information received by the hypothalamus via your melanin secreted by your melanocytes (regardless of race, etc...).

Now to reverse this degradation, please refrain from using the term "Mother" on a daily and saving only one day to honor your Mama (*Ma). Your reality check: "Everyday is Mama's Day" (my grandmama would say to me). Everyday is the day of your Mater, your Terra Maat, your source of life and Terra Earth! Similarly, everyday is Earth Day too!

So instead of spending money on your "mother", give your mama money into her retirement fund or investment fund. Instead of buying gifts, have gifts made. Simply do the opposite of what the media says and utilize your own resources always, keeping your flow of currency circling you.

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Gratitude for reading,

Jah Crystal, Herbal Skin Fairy Healer

Written in honor of Mama Ruth

Me and My Mamas
My Mamas! and their grands in 1996...


*Ma (Maat): first ma; (Mama) represents the 2 in lineage or matrimony.


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