Spring Energy for Beauty & Wellness

author/source: Jah Crystal

     Spring Energy is an abundance of life generating and emerging from within your soul and your cellular being for new life and new beginnings! It is a time of energy building for your beauty and wellness. This energy supports you throughout all your seasons. You are creating an energy field of love within and around you. Spring energy begins your elevation into a higher state of beauty.

     This is one of my favorite topics to spiritually speak on with light energy of course: Your cellular energy is your most precious and valuable resource within your body. It is what moves your cells to generate and regenerate your DNA structures of function, including healing. Your cellular energy keeps you young and strong for as long as you possess it!

     Esoteric beauty lesson: Certain activities during the spring equinox has the ability to absorb your cellular energy. What are these activities? Strangely, due to the current “viral outbreak” we are being restrained from them: Public Activities!

     Spring traditionally is a time for honoring your environment, and earth through cleansing fasting and meditation. This type of activity is usually done in small groups and with family, or simply alone. Your beauty and wellness is within the core of your cellular energy and these activities help to preserve or save your cells: your beauty! Easter (Ishtar) and other religious activities has us doing the exact opposite: spending money, shopping, large group activities, and so forth! You’re simply exhausting your cellular energy: your beauty!

     Spring brings us a combination of energies from the universe primarily Freedom, Guidance, and Love. These 3 energies combined creates abundance, not yet seen still on the way. You can miss out on this blessed Spring Energy creating abundance by exhausting your cellular energy into the atmosphere of this realm and becoming drained without even realizing it!

     You must move opposite the mainstream rituals to reverse the energy flow unto your cells. As you greet spring, here are some sacred tips to encourage the preservation of your cellular energy to create abundance within your cells and life for pure beauty and wellness:

Lesson 1: Move Freely Travel and move without fear: represents circulation. Your blood and all the plasmatic energy it emanates need to circulate. Your body is 70%+ water. Let it flow in and throughout.

Lesson 2: Speak to Family Strengthen bonds and heal wounds: represents cellular regeneration. Strengthen your bonds and heal your wounds allows your beauty and being to be nourished completely.

Lesson 3: Sponsor a Child's Future Create a sense of fertility and abundance: represents cellular peace and ease of movements promoting detoxification. Let your thought patterns expand into who will come after you. Give them honor, security, and protection. This is truly spring energy that gives birth all year round to beauty.

Lesson 4: Learn More... Become a member of Healing Herbal Skincare and receive deeper insights to healing your skin energy. Everything you eat and place on your skin affects your energy within, including what you think: thoughts, words, actions. In turn this affects your beauty!

Lesson 5: Visit Nature and Meditate on your Beautiful Life! If you possess any rabbits or birds, free them during spring into a safe nature preserve as life is freedom.

     Every blessed soul should honor the new moon during spring to bless their reproductive organs for health and wellness by lighting a candle, eating a clean pure food diet (no manufactured processed foods). Relax in a rose bath (women), or a sage bath (men). Attend a massage or acupuncture session. Take a moment to practice a deep meditation of love towards you.

     Every blessed soul should create an energy field of love within and around you. Use this transformational energy that is happening right now to elevate your soul, honor your source and power to receive abundance.


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