A Faerie Christmas

J Crystal Profit

This is a special season that honors our Mamas. Christmas translates and vibrates: The Anointed Mama.

Once upon a time our communities and tribes were centered around our anointed mama who was our natural healer, medicine woman, and high priest.

We honor this vibration still every Christmas!

We ask that you join us in this special celebration and refrain from chopping down a tree as they represent life and our sacred souls linked to the Earth of our blessed TerraEl and primordial source.

Decorate you home with fresh or dried herbs adorned by colors of blue, white, and red.

Why do we call it a Faerie Christmas? The primordial Fatumn beings honored our Mamas and our blessed Earth. They are also powerful healers. So, during this season of anointing which means to heal we honor Fatumn as well.

For more information on Fatumn (who is called Fae or Fairies) stay tuned to our blog as we reveal hidden secrets shared only here at Healing Herbal Skincare.

Photo by Mickie Mueller Art

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