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Autumn Blessings!

J Crystal Profit

      Autumn has always been our favorite time of year. We grew up along the bayou in southern Louisiana. The air never really became cool during autumn. It did become very windy. The wind made us feel excited. We could feel the change of elements in the air. It was fresh and cleansing. Sometimes the duality of the elements brought upon storms. Still, we felt completely alive!

     Those winds speak to this day throughout the Americas. They blow with information love and blessings of our spiritual existence. They are the blessed winds of change. Are we listening to the voices of the wind?

     Right now, we must open our doors and our arms high! Lift our head up to the sun! Inhale deeply then exhale deeply. Let the winds blow through our homes. Let our heart speak. Keep our mouth and words silent (until we learn the power of words). Heart speak love and truth to receive equal compensation of both. Feel the wind blow. Listen. Move in love and righteousness within our soul.

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Love Power!

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Cit Park at Bayou St John

Photo is of City Park at Bayou St John.

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