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Gratitude & Appreciation

J Crystal Profit

Here at Healing Herbal Skincare we refrain from Thanksgiving celebration. We see the energy as deluding and degrading disguised as family time for giving thanks.

Instead we celebrate gratitude and appreciation for those that truly love us by showing them love in return. We hope you join us in this special celebration.

Very few understand this energy. Think carefully and you shall see when someone is truly grateful for the kindness of someone they repay them in kindness as well. Many of us are waiting in vain for such treatment.

Remove your being and energy field, including your wallet from any who is taking from you with ill intentions. You may be unable to see their intentions from start, however once you realize the motive or intent is ill towards you, move forward and away.

It's really sad to say Thanksgiving is a holiday founded on ill intentions. Truth is always hard to say, yet it is always a freeing energy elevating you to a higher state of thinking.

We express our gratitude and appreciation to you with a savings of 50% off your entire order plus free shipping regardless of size using code Gratitude. No Thanks or Giving is needed! Code is valid until 11/30/18.

Love Power,


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