Guidance Energy (Dry Combination Skin)

Hydrating River Herbal Skincare Spray Moisturizer

Healing Herbal Skincare

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Lavender in a Jar Photo by Heather Schwartz at Healing Herbal Skincare
Hydrating River Herbal Skincare Spray Moisturizer

When everything feels off balance and it shows in our skin we stop by the river and pour it all in. Our Hydrating River Herbal Spray Moisturizer brings us balance and clarity to promote optimal cellular function in our dermal layers.

Key ingredients:

  • Sage (promotes healing)
  • Lavender (balances hormones)
  • Rosemary (balances oil & melanin)
  • Guidance Energy (promotes clarity)

Our oil free, vegan, organic glycerin based formula is packaged in a 2 oz amber bottle.

Our Hydrating River herbal spray moisturizer works excellent on women; mature skin and hormonal skin ailments.


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