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Who Is Fatum

Autumn Fatum Jah Crystal in Garden with Pumpkins


Fatumn (Fatum) is the name of a nation of celestial primordial soul beings from the ancient primordial House of Verbena who were protectors of sacred plants and trees within the quarantined section of the actual Terra Earth. They were called Fatumn because your fate or life was in their hands. Before this realm was created my soul being was anointed by them and became their Jah Daughter. Jah: for I’m a primordial soul resonating the primordial house of DJahn. And through my universal travels I've established here in their honor Healing Herbal Skincare using my unique skin energy system called "5 Energies of Skin©" to heal your skin and heal your life by elevating and liberating your mind and body both physically and spiritually through herbal care, thus aligning your energy with plant energy for healing.

Healing comes from the word heal. The vibrational sound meaning denotes detoxification of the body physically and spiritually. Originally all healings were done at the feet. This is why the base of your foot is called a heal. An ointment (herbal poultice) was applied to the foot made with 100% herbs. You were then "Anointed" at the feet with a "Healing". All herbal skin applications were called "Healings". This Nahledge* comes from the teachings of the Primordial House of Verbena: Fatumn Beings.

Jah Crystal Feet surrounded by sea kelp of pacific ocean


*Nahledge (information presented from the NahGus, pronounced nah-goose (ancient primordial earth record keepers) *Fatumn (Fatum) pronounced fah-toom

Gratitude & Blessings,

Jah Crystal🌟

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Gratitude for you being here!