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Guidance Skin Energy Care Set

Price: $106.92 (Ex Sales: $99.00)

Guidance Skin Energy Care treats skin that has become dry and suffers from oily skin ailments like milia or breakouts with hormonal issues.

1st Guidance Energy (Dry to Oily Combination Skin)

Welcome to your "Guidance Skin Energy Care": Receive your life lessons and blessings to allow your cells to regenerate into their greatness for complete health & wellness. This collection is formulated for dry to oily combination skin types & hormonal skin needing deep cellular cleansing, exfoliation, and hydration.

Your set shall include:

* Lavender Love Deep Pore Herbal Cleanser made with bentonite clay, activated charcoal, primrose oil, and lots of lavender.

* Lavender Hydrating River Herbal Spray Moisturizer made with lavender of course, rosemary, sage, black cohosh, and tea tree.

* Lavish Lavender Deep Herbal Enzyme Treatment made with pau d'arco, valerian root, sage, and more lavender.


You'll receive detailed instructions and full ingredients list free of chemical fillers, additives, synthetics, carcinogens, and preservatives!


*All moisturizers are made with zinc for healing and added sun protection.


Current members receive a discount of 10% on all orders outside their Healing Herbal Skincare subscription.



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