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Love Skin Energy Care Set

Price: $106.92 (Ex Sales: $99.00)

Love Skin Energy Care treats skin that has become dehydrated and is beginning to show apparent sign of aging.

2nd Love Energy (Normal Skin + Dehydrated)

Welcome to Your "Love Skin Energy Care"! You can create peaceful and harmonious vibrations to surround your cells creating your beauty & the life you love. This collection is formulated for normal skin plus dehydrated and aging needing rejuvenation, exfoliation, and overall balance.

Your set shall include:

* Rosie Rose Nourishing Herbal Cleanser made with pink roses, geranium, colloidal oatmeal, and fermented goat's milk.

* Rose Rejuvenating Spa Herbal Spray Moisturizer made with red roses, white willow bark, green tea, and passion flower.

* Rejuvenating Rose Nourishing Herbal Enzyme Treatment made with rose hips, pink roses, colloidal oatmeal, and powdered goat's milk.


You'll receive detailed instructions and full ingredient list free of chemical fillers, additives, synthetics, carcinogens, and preservatives!


*All moisturizers are made with zinc for healing and added sun protection.


Current members receive a discount of 10% on all orders outside their Healing Herbal Skincare subscription.

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