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Relaxation Skin Energy Care Set

Price: $106.92 (Ex Sales: $99.00)

Relaxation Skin Energy Care is made for skin that is oily and feels dry or dehydrated, and needs to be purged or detoxed.

4th Relaxation Energy (OIly to Dry Combination Skin)

Welcome to Your "Relaxation Skin Energy Care"! Your physical and spiritual dermal energy shall begin to breathe and promote cellular cleansing and the removal of toxins from your skin. This is formulated for oily to dry combination skin types needing detoxification from stress & toxins with balance of skin tone and oil production.

You'll receive in this set:

* Tropical Terra Detoxing Cleanser made with spirulina, lemon verbena, willow bark, and lime.

* Tropical Treat Herbal Enzyme Treatment Mask made with papaya, pineapple, guava, and banana.

* Tropical Calming Sea Herbal Spray Moisturizer made with lemon verbena, dong quai, nettle, and chamomile.


You'll receive detailed instructions and full ingredients list free of chemical fillers, additives, synthetics, carcinogens, and preservatives.


* All moisturizers are made with zinc healing and added sun protection.


Current members receive a discount of 10% on all orders outside their Healing Herbal Skincare subscription.

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